Our System


Lease Harbor LLC strives to make our product as cost competitive as possible and we believe our system offers the best value relative to comparable services. We believe that each client should pay the same rate for our services, with cost determined by the size of their portfolio, and services used. We allow any current client the option to convert to our current pricing at any time.

Basic Services

  • $300 / month
    Base Fee
  • $100 / month
    Portfolio Fee (each portfolio)
  • Record Fees (per month, for each Portfolio)
  • $1.00 / month
    Non-archived to 2500
  • $0.25 / month
    Non-archived beyond 2500
  • $0.10 / month
  • Portfolio Setup
  • $1,000
    One-time Initial Setup Fee

Optional Services

  • $30 / month
    Power Reporting per user
  • $35 / month
    Custom Views per view
  • $20 / month
    Apex Screens per user
  • $100 / month
    Base Batching Functionality
  • Per portfolio, plus $0.80 per non-archived record to 2500 using Batching Functionality, $0.20 per non-archived record beyond 2500 using Batching Functionality
  • $0.20 / month
    Enhanced Financial Functionality
  • Per non-archived record using Enhanced Financial Functionality
  • $100 / hour
    Primary Support
  • Portfolio configuration, Training
  • $200 / hour
    Custom Services
  • Custom Reporting, Data Conversion, System Programming
  • $300 / hour
    Project Consulting

Our service pricing has been consistent since the start of the company. Although we have made changes to our pricing for administrative simplicity, and to reflect substantial new features, our current pricing for basic services is at the same general level as when we started the company over seventeen years ago.