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Harbor Flex Integrates Jajumbe’s Template-based Workflow and Task Management

March 30, 2009

CHICAGO, March 30, 2009 -- In July 2008, Lease Harbor LLC communicated its exclusive marketing relationship with Jajumbe LLC for the corporate real estate industry and the planned integration with its industry leading Harbor Flex application. Lease Harbor LLC today announced the completion of this integrated real property administration, template-based workflow, and task management solution.

Jajumbe tasks and subtasks can now be associated with specific Harbor Flex records. Using a single sign-on, users may view Jajumbe tasks on individual Harbor Flex records or navigate to a live session of Jajumbe directly from Harbor Flex. This design also affords users the broader use of Jajumbe’s productivity tools for all of their personal and professional work flow and task management needs, beyond those that may relate to Harbor Flex.

Get Organized - Jajumbe’s queuing functionality provides a central web-based repository for collecting inbound email work requests and immediately converts them to tasks. Replace managing projects via email with a hierarchical task management system capable of user based templates for repetitive processes.

Be Productive - As a fully mobile solution, Jajumbe users can utilize all of the Jajumbe functionality from any smart phone with a web browser and Internet connectivity. Whether managing new tasks or sending or receiving task notes via email, Jajumbe keeps you connected with your work groups and peers.

For more information on how a Harbor Flex / Jajumbe integration could work for you, please contact us at info@leaseharbor.com

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