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Lease Harbor Announces Exclusive Marketing Relationship For Jajumbe

July 25, 2008

CHICAGO, July 25, 2008 -- Lease Harbor LLC is pleased to announce that it has an exclusive marketing relationship within the corporate real estate industry for Jajumbe, a new work-flow and task management application. Work-flow and task management for transactions and projects has been a common enhancement request from Lease Harbor clients and prospects. The company has not built these features into Harbor Flex for two reasons: (1) Lease Harbor LLC advocates the best of breed approach to software solutions versus the end-to-end approach and (2) template-based work flow and task management are not solely corporate real estate requirements, but are required in much of our everyday lives. For these reasons, it is Lease Harbor’s long held belief that a separate application from the ground up, with necessary points of integration to Harbor Flex, best serves these needs.

Jajumbe delivers template-based work flow and task management simply using an Internet connection, and a desktop or mobile web browser. Lease Harbor LLC implemented Jajumbe for its technical support, billing, business development, engineering, and client project functions almost two years ago. During that time Lease Harbor has almost doubled the number of companies using Harbor Flex and has not added a single staffing resource. Work group productivity gains are highly evident when using Jajumbe’s collaborative tasks and template driven processes.

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Lease Harbor LLC is an industry-leading Application Service Provider providing state-of-the-art lease administration tools for corporate real estate departments worldwide. Lease Harbor LLC currently serves over 380 companies and government agencies with portfolio administration software needs. For more information and to see what these companies are saying about Lease Harbor LLC’s software service, please visit the company's Web site at www.leaseharbor.com.

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