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Lease Harbor and InfoGrow Join Forces to Offer Power Visualization for Improved Efficiency, Reduced Costs

May 23, 2003

CHICAGO, May 23, 2003 /PRNewswire/ -- Lease Harbor LLC, an industry-leading provider of hosted services that address the needs of corporate real estate departments, and InfoGrow Corp., a leader in Location-based business intelligence and data visualization, have created an alliance that provides corporate real estate professionals and commercial real estate service providers with instant information access via internet mapping. Web-based mapping reduces costs and improves the return on investment by improving information delivery, cutting decision-making time, and delivering easily-understood data relationships to the desktop.

“Lease Harbor is pleased to announce the alliance with leading Location-based intelligence provider InfoGrow,” stated Sean Black, CTO of Lease Harbor. “InfoGrow offers its expertise in visualization and mapping to Lease Harbor’s clients. This will allow our clients to immediately visualize space allocations, wasted or duplicated space, expiration of leases, competitor locations, and asset locations. Using these features will result in savings of time, effort, resources and money,” Black continued.

“InfoGrow has teamed with a leader in lease management with Lease Harbor’s 100% web-based, flexible, and secure system,” commented Bob Sullivan, President of InfoGrow. “Accessible from anywhere through a standard Internet connection and a web browser, Lease Harbor’s portfolio administration system provides an intuitive interface with unparalleled simplicity, without sacrificing flexibility and advanced features. Combined with visualization and mapping, real estate professionals now have powerful tools to help them make decisions faster, reduce overhead, and improve their ROI,” concluded Sullivan. To view a demo of this new service, you can go here here.

About Lease Harbor

Lease Harbor is an industry-leading provider of ASP services that address the needs of corporate real estate departments and their service providers. They offer a robust web-based lease and real property portfolio administration system, with features found in traditional applications, but without the problems associated with implementing and maintaining complex and costly software packages.www.leaseharbor.com.

About InfoGrow Corporation

InfoGrow brings data, mapping and competitive intelligence into focus for reduced real estate costs and improved ROI. Power Visualization allows corporate real estate executives and their service-providers access to instant visualization of real-time data for space utilization, owned vs. leased space, redundancies, drive time optimization, business continuity and lease expirations. Efficient and cost-effective, InfoGrow puts valuable information on the desktops of users for focused real estate information delivery, quick decision-making and significant reduction in time and cost. www.InfoGrowCorp.com.

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